Published On: Sun, May 20th, 2018

US Dollar gains 5 percent value against Turkish Lira in week commencing May 14

Turkey cannot stop rise in dollar despite increase in interest rates

US Dollar Turkish Lira –

Following a period of discomfort in economy US dollar / TL rate went up to 4.4920 last week while the stock market made a premium of 0.55 percent. A gram of gold rose to 186 TL. On a weekly basis, stocks traded in Stock Exchange Istanbul (BIST) gained 0.55 percent on average, while US Dollar gained 4.59 percent value with gold enjoying value increase of 1.53 percent.

The BIST 100 index finished at 102.410,30 pounds in the week, up 0.55 percent from the previous week’s closing, after seeing the highest 103,763,00 points in the week and the lowest 100,654,80 points.

The sale price of grams of 24-carat gold bullion traded in the Grand Bazaar increased by 1.53 percent this week to 186.00 liras and the selling price of the Republic gold rose by 1.47 percent to 1,244.00 liras.

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