Published On: Mon, Oct 6th, 2014

We address Iranian authorities: “Please DO NOT execute Reyhaneh Jabbari”

Thanks for postponing the execution and the international community (humans) are now looking forward to receiving good news that she is   going to be given the right of a fair trial.

When we look at the progress Iran has been making recently we can clearly see that no fundamentalism to include religious fanaticism will be there to stay, in time. Hassan Rouhani the new leader of Iran has given so many people in the world the hope that Iran would get on the track to becoming a modern country again, one day – soon, hopefully.

We really hope – with all our respect for all religions and not only Islam which has been on the agenda in an unfortunate manner recently – that everybody in the world will understand that religions are meant to honor and protect and progress human beings and they are not for beheading, executions and killings of any sort – whether it be war or terrorism or whatsoever.

Because when human being overcomes the primitive and fanatic thoughts and motives he can then use the brain and mind God has given him to improve on his journey to perfection.

Look at the two fronts (unfortunately, as it seems today); When the Islamic world has to spend most of its time trying to cope with and handle all the terrorist and brutal acts, the western world on the other hand has been improving day by day on the way to ultimate welfare of their peoples.

Who in the world could say that is fair for millions of moslems living in the ME and other parts of the world? Please let us give all human beings a chance to live as human beings.

Let us get done with fanaticism and brutality and tolerate all humans for their own choices of belief they would like to have.

We really do believe special souls like ROUHANI are a great opportunity for human kind and hope there will be more to come in all parts of the world, soon.

An Iranian woman due to be put to death for killing a man she said was trying to sexually abuse her is reported to have had her execution postponed. A campaign calling for a halt to the execution of Reyhaneh Jabbari was launched on Facebook on Monday. Officials said on Monday that Reyhaneh Jabbari, 26, had been transferred to a prison west of Tehran to be hanged. But activists claimed on Tuesday that an online campaign had persuaded the state to give her a 10-day reprieve.

The human rights group Amnesty International said she was convicted after a deeply flawed investigation. Ms Jabbari was arrested in 2007 for the murder of Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, a former employee of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence. She was placed in solitary confinement for two months, where she reportedly did not have access to a lawyer or her family, and was sentenced to death by a criminal court in Tehran in 2009. Amnesty said that although Ms Jabbari admitted to stabbing Mr Abdolali Sarbandi once in the back, she alleged that there was someone else in the house who actually killed him. Her claim is believed to have never been properly investigated.


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