Published On: Sun, May 6th, 2018

We will make rallies in front of TV channels if media embargo on opposition continues

CHP presidential candidate says he will first change judiciary after becoming president

Muharrem Ince (CHP Presidential Candidate) and spouse

There is a very strong impression in Turkey that the main stream media is under the control of the ruling party – and the President himself, actually – and the TV channels and the press do not publish or broadcast news that would irritate the administration by putting the government and its leader in a difficult position in the eyes of the public. Instead the administration rather uses the media as a tool for its own propaganda. This was often criticized by the opposition (as well as some international bodies) thinking it provided great advantage for the government causing unfair competition.

In fact a most recent example of this situation was observed yesterday when a campaign meeting held by CHP candidate MUHARREM INCE was not broadcast by any of the mainstream TV channels. Mr. INCE who was very much disturbed by this situation said “If my rallies are not broadcast, I will arrange my meetings in front of TV channels”

CHP candidate held his first meeting in the election campaign which was not broadcast live by channels such as NTV, CNN Turk, Habertürk and TRT.

Mr. INCE wrote a tweet saying “The television channels that even broadcast the AKP’s district congresses did not broadcast live broadcasts in Yalova yesterday. We will come to power fighting this media order. We will make our rallies in front of TV channels if this media embargo on opposition continues with the order of the palace! “

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