Published On: Sun, Feb 11th, 2018

What is happening between the USA & Turkey, two “aged” allies, in Syria?

What is happening between the USA & Turkey, two “aged” allies, in Syria?


Turkey and the United States are “supposed to have been” allies for many years both in the region where Russia (former USSR) has always been considered a major threat and in Nato. It is another issue what this alliance has brought to the table for Turkey in areas of economic cultural and social development and how much the USA has benefitted from it all along the way. Nevertheless there have been many occasions on which Turkey has felt (and experienced) the backing of the States against a likely Russian threat.

In return the USA has been most comfortable having an ally it can rely on against its major rival (Russia and communism at the time) all along. Except for a very few occasions Turkey and the USA have paid utmost attention not to disturb this harmonious cooperation in between. Among these few cases we can surely name the Turkish intervention in Cyprus in 1974 when Ecevit despite strong objection (and the embargo to follow) from the western world had to send troops to the island to save Turkish Cypriots from a genesis by Nikos Sampson and the Greek militants on the island.

Apart from this Turkey and the USA had not experienced major conflicts until a few months (or even weeks) ago when the USA placed itself in the picture together with YPG, no doubt with very close links to PKK terror organization that has caused tens of thousands of innocent lives in Turkey for over 20 years now with an announcement declaring they had teamed up with this organization in the fight against ISIS and the USA was determined to support them with military assistance and supply of heavy weapons etc.

Turkey in return has always claimed the YPG is very closely linked to (in fact a branch of) terror organization PKK and all the support (arms in specific) provided by USA would be available for PKK to be used against Turkey in the country. Thus Turkey has maintained its evaluation that if there is any operation to be carried out against any terror groups (ISIS in the first place) it should be done in cooperation with Turkey (using Turkish Armed forces as well).

When Turkey did not succeed to persuade the USA about the threat of YPG it was exposed to, Turkey eventually decided to set to work and started the Afrin operation to clean the region from YPG groups. The question was “If USA and Turkey would enter a confrontation in Afrin – a region where Russia seems to be much more influential – as YPG is supported by USA”. Thankfully this did not happen and Turkish Armed Forces have been running a very difficult operation to secure safety of the region for Turkey again. Turkey has made powerful declarations that the final goal is to enable to the original residents of the region to return back to their homes and Turkey has no intentions of staying in the region.

Now another question is what happens if Turkish Armed Forces – as already stated by President Erdoğan several times – proceed further to Manbij to clean the area from YPG groups facing the risk of confronting American troops providing assistance an support to YPG in the area. This seems to be the most critical issue currently. We are talking about an armed confrontation between two Nato Allies one would not even want to think of. But the reality is here and “whatever needs to be done” should be done to avoid such a disastrous situation.

When we look at the picture on the other hand, it is interesting (and frightening) to see how stubborn the USA has been to insist on teaming up with the continuation of a terror organization to destroy another terror group. This is obviously unacceptable considering there are much more decent alternatives such as working together with a most powerful ally in Nato (as well as the region). This is a good enough reason to make anybody with a bit of logic to think/understand the USA has other/new plans designed to shape the region (and maybe these are efforts to implement the Greater Middle East Project from Condoleezza Rice times).

Then again, the challenge between the USA and RUSSIA, a major world power again after performance displayed by PUTIN (like him or not) is known to us all. It is understandable that the USA has to take into consideration the new threat in the Middle East where Russia has finally accomplished its hundreds of year old mission of finding itself a place in the Mediterranean thanks to its extraordinary political handling in the region and do something to gain more ground to protect its own benefits as well as those of Israel. Therefore when we look at the picture in the region at present it is all a mess really and it seems that Russia is the major power that has been following a very realistic and feasible strategy as a big state would do, all along. Russia has chosen its side right from the beginning and is in position to come up with a very FAIR and logical reason to verify its existence in the region; That is to help protect the unity of Syria upon invitation from the Syrian administration itself. Moreover Russia being located very close to the region is perfectly capable of supporting its claim not to forget its strong military power and technology.

Having said all this, is the USA capable of realizing its plans to have a Kurdish State established in the region to look after the American (and Israeli) benefits and keep ready at all times for any US instructions to be fulfilled in case of need for an armed conflict (A sort of SWORD Of DAMOCLES hanging over other states in the region to be used in case of need, in other words)?

All in all, one thing is very clear though; The USA is determined to put on stage a very dangerous and harmful game for the countries (and peoples) in the Middle East to protect its benefits as well as those of Israel and could not care less about the bloodshed to be caused to realize its plans, obviously. But the good thing is, it is not the major power anymore and thankfully Russia (Putin, actually) has a word to say as well. Time will show to what extend the USA will be able to realize its scenarios. Let us only hope that it does not cost many lives again before the USA realizes it is not the only “Master” of this world anymore and the plan is not applicable.

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