Published On: Thu, Aug 17th, 2017

What is Turkey going through, as seen from the point of view of its western friends?

Economy and policy have been two words very much interrelated all along history just like they are today.  For some developing countries like Turkey for instance however, politics may be dominant over economy. Thus it would not be very accurate to study Turkish economy and its integration to global economies without analyzing the structure and functioning of politics in this country, first.

It is observed by Turkey’s western allies with concern that the country is almost preparing for a more authoritarian regime change certainly very unlikely to be a secular one. Opinion leaders comment that considering developments so far, some radical policy inconsistencies of the ruling party seem to be inconsistencies at first sight, but when examined more carefully it is seen that they may have actually been a set of planned steps to complement each other to accomplish the mission of a regime change, eventually. Based on some similar opinions, it is also observed what an important role economic policies, designed to create some artificial miracles and stimulate consumption have played so far in achieving successive electoral victories.

At the point where we stand today however, the bitter reality is that because economic performance and success was not based on strong and solid fundamentals at the very beginning, the only remedy the ruling party can now hold on to, seems to be a much more authoritarian regime in which people are denied to ask the authority to account for its practices – whether it be economic or political.

Opinion leaders comment that it is quite saddening actually that an administration with such a substantial support from an important majority of the public all along their ruling, have come to the point where their only choice is to  resort to this desperate remedy of trying to bring in an authoritarian regime to survive. Indeed, when we look into the presidential system introduced by the administration recently following the referendum – results of which have been subject to debate – it is not difficult at all to see that it is considered essential by the government to seal what has been achieved so far and facilitate and open the way for more radical transformations.

To recap, it may not be very surprising to see that Turkey will be going through some tough times both at home, as well abroad as far as its relations with its western allies are concerned, in the days to come.

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