Published On: Tue, Jun 19th, 2018

What were the results of the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-Un?

What were the results of the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-Un?

Trump and Kim Jong-Un shake hands in summit in Singapore


After a frightening period of tension between Trump and Kim Jong-Un, the two leaders came together in Singapore to resolve issues of trust between their countries. Not many people could say the outcome would be perfect but it was surely an opportunity to soften the relations between the USA and North Korea.

The negative point was that both leaders had been on the political stage with their aggressive personalities and egos dominating their attitudes and many expected this attempt might not lead anywhere productive for the world peace etc.

However, on the contrary to concerns both leaders displayed a friendly attitude towards each other and this also reflected in their messages which raised hopes for the world peace.

The historic summit between two leaders lasted 38 minutes. After the meeting between Trump and Kim, (and two interpreters, only) a meeting between delegations lasted for two hours, followed by dinner.

Trump and Kim Jong signed an agreement after the historic summit. Trump stated that relations would be much different as compared to the past. Leaders draw attention to the fact that the bilateral agreement was very comprehensive.

Trump voiced his satisfaction with the expression “The summit is going very well, the relationship between the two countries is great”. He also stated that they expected to work with North Korea, emphasizing that some problems would be solved by working together and the issues would be handled together.

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