Published On: Sun, Jan 5th, 2020

What will change in lives of Turkish citizens in case of Turkey’s EU membership?

Turkey applied for EU membership a long while ago (ages, almost). However due to several reasons this target has not been realized yet, obstructions provided by EU to be in the first place. That is “although many smaller countries such as Bulgaria not able to fulfil several EU membership requirements have already accepted as new members”, after a very short waiting period.

The question is; “Is it really necessary for Turkey to become a member in the EU when a country such as United Kingdom has been coping with the major issue of Brexit to leave the EU for such a long time?“.

Certainly there are many aspects to this question. However we would like to talk about the question “What changes will Turkey’s EU membership will bring into the lives of Turkish citizens“, in this post. In case this possibility realizes down below are the changes the Turkish citiizens will experience in their daily lives.

The effects of compliance on Union Acquis in daily live

General Issues & Fundamental Rights

    1. Every Turkish citizen will also become an EU citizen.
    2. Turks will have the right to choose and be elected in EU member states.
    3. Turkish will be one of the official languages of the EU.
    4. Privacy of personal data will be protected.
    5. Citizens can file complains about EU institutions and member states.
    6. Workers will have right to free movement in EU countries.
    7. Business people will be able to set up business and provide services in the EU.
    8. Obligation of proof in gender discrimination will be on the accused party.
    9. The age limit for marriage will be 18.
    10. Equal say to spouses in marriage.
    11. Marital-extramarital child segregation will be lifted.
    12. Punishment for sexual harassment at work will be more severe.
    13. EU support will be available for fighting violence.


    1. Spouses will not have to get permission from each other to work.
    2. Virgin-female victim segregation lifted in sentences for sexual offences, 21
    3. Marrying victim will not save rapist from punishment, 21
    4. Sentence reduction for killing child born out of wedlock will be lifted
    5. Marital sexual assault will be a crime.
    6. Special protection for pregnant, newly born, breastfeeding female employees
    7. 16 weeks of paid maternity leave.


    1. “He’s my child, I love him, I beat him” is over.
    2. Punishment for sexual abuse against children will be heavy.
    3. Children will be protected from dangerous toys.
    4. Children under 15 cannot work.


Our opinion is; “said membership would certainly contribute to the lives of citizens in a most positive manner looked at the issue from this point of view. It would be best to discuss other issues such as “Agriculture, Food Safety, Consumer Rights, Transportation, Labor Life, Disabled, Education, Environment and Animal Rights” seperately”.

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