Published On: Thu, Jan 9th, 2014

What you really need to know about Istanbul

ISTANBULYou are in Istanbul.. One of the truly mega cities in the world..

If you do not know your way around or if you are not provided with guidance services you might be very likely to encounter some unpleasant surprises too.. that is on the contrary to the fact you could make the most of Istanbul and fly back home with pleasant memories provided you have good enough information about the city as to what to do, where to go, what to try to avoid etc etc..

We have come across such very useful information on the website of a prominent magazine from which you will find excerpts down below. We hope it will serve you best in case you have plans to visit Istanbul

When you are in this giant city you would most probably be curious to have answers to below questions;

Why is the driving so bad?
Why do people keep running into me?
Who’s the blonde guy with blue eyes whose photos are in every shop?
Can women enter the mosque?
Do they have to cover their heads?
Why aren’t there more Turks wearing fezes?
Are there any brothels in Istanbul?
Is prostitution legal? Can I drink beer on the street?
Can I drink tap water?
I went to use the toilet and only saw a hole in the ground?
What’s proper tipping etiquette?
Where can I eat pork?
(For single males) I heard/read that if a man approaches me and tries to take me out to a nightclub, I should politely but firmly refuse him. What’s the deal with that?

It sounds quiet interesting doesn’t it? So, if you are still curious to know what the answers are please go to link and carry on reading… It might help 🙂


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