Published On: Fri, Jan 19th, 2018

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange reminds fake reporting on Turkish defeated coup

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange reminds fake reporting on Turkish defeated coup

Julian Assange (WikiLeaks Founder) –

Turkey faced a failed coup attempt in July 2016. The attempt was organized by an organization led by Fethullah Gülen, religious clerk settled down in the USA. In the failed attempt hundreds of Turkish citizens lost their lives and thousands were severely injured.  Julian Assange (WikiLeaks founder) on Thursday pointed out the fake news regarding defeated coup in Turkey was not mentioned in U.S. President Donald Trump’s self-proclaimed “Fake News Awards”. “The most serious case of recent fake news is not on Trump’s #FakeNewsAwards list. NBC substantially assisted the military coup in Turkey which killed hundreds,” Assange wrote on his official Twitter account.

Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) and its U.S.-based leader Fetullah Gulen orchestrated the defeated coup on July 15, 2016, which left 250 people martyred and nearly 2,200 others injured. Ankara accuses FETO of being behind a long-running campaign to overthrow the state through the infiltration of Turkish institutions, particularly the military, police, and judiciary.

On Wednesday, Trump gave top three positions to the New York Times, ABC and CNN.

“NBC falsely reported, citing a ‘senior U.S. military source’, that Erdogan had fled the country”, the WikiLeaks founder said. Kyle Griffin, an NBC News producer, had tweeted a fabricated claim that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan fled the country to request asylum in Germany, during the failed coup.

The Turkish embassy in the U.S. had demanded an apology from the major U.S. news network for an “utterly unacceptable” and “false” report regarding the coup attempt.

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