Published On: Thu, Feb 22nd, 2018

Will USA stick to its promises regarding YPG issue in Syria?

Will USA stick to its promises regarding YPG issue in Syria?

Foreign Secretary Tillerson and President Erdoğan

It is a fact that the relations between Turkey and the USA have been at its worst level ever due to the YPG crisis in Syria. US Foreign Secretary TILLERSON has paid a visit to Ankara most recently to meet with Turkey’s President ERDOGAN to see how the situation can be improved.

Based on press conferences following concerned meetings with Turkish “top” officials it is understood the USA and Turkey seem to be determined to go ahead with their traditional positioning as two close NATO allies and watch out not to take steps to irritate and/or damage each other. At least, that is the message both parties tried to deliver to the world.

Judging on words pronounced in press interviews and all, the USA pretends (at least) to have understood concerns of Turkey regarding an eventual security threat of pro-Kurdish origin along its southern border in case a new state (???) were to be established by said pro-Kurdish group, namely YPG – supposed to be a continuation/branch etc. of PKK, terror organization operating in Turkish

Within this scope US Secretary has given guarantee that his government will pay utmost attention to cooperate with Turkey from now on to prevent any such threat to occur in the future etc. Honestly speaking, it is almost impossible to what extent this guarantee would apply and how when one comes to think what has happened in referred territory so far and how close the USA has worked with YPG. Having said this the main issue, goes without saying, has been the supply of heavy weapons to said group based on the excuse they are the ones who have fought in the field to finish ISIS.

Well, obviously this excuse cannot be used any more as ISIS has already been finished and there should be no need any more to try to establish an army (of pro-Kurdish origin) to keep at the Turkish border. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why Turkey is very much disturbed.

Anyway, among all other plans and scenarios designed by imperialist powers in the region – Russia to be in the first place – the USA also has its plans surely and it is no secret the American Deep State would like to keep some armed power within its hundred percent control, on the ground in Syria to look after the US benefits as well as Israel’s.

As a conclusion, many believe it may not be very likely that the USA would give up on such plans and stay loyal to its commitment to cooperate with Turkey in said troubled territory in the long (or medium) run. Thus, time will show really if the recent meeting in Ankara will be a cure to the problem or not. Moreover, it goes without saying that although a clash between two allies have been overcome – for the timebeing at least, it is obvious that the volatile situation in Syria will ensure ties between US and Turkey remain fragile. Hence, it is not possible to guarantee new tensions will not emerge in the close future to come – that is if the new mechanism declared to be established between two allies is not be able to produce solid positive results for the solution of the problem.

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