Published On: Tue, Mar 6th, 2018

“Women’s Council of Turkey” to gather in Istanbul on March 11, 2018

“Women's Council of Turkey” to gather on March 11, 2018

Women protesting pressure on dressing, Turkey –

A movement was started by many women from Izmir who took to streets to protest the social pressure on women’s freedom to include choice of dressing, in the first place a while ago. Their main slogan in protests wasDon’t Mess with My Outfit”.

In said protests other slogans such as “Don’t interfere in my dressing”, “Don’t mess with my outfit, shorts, headscarf”, “Women everywhere, resistance everywhere”, “We wear anything we wish, we walk around anywhere we want”, “Long live women’s solidarity”, “Women have united, resistance has grown” were also heard. The main idea was to say “No” against the draft on population, which is meant to pave the way for discrimination against women. Women maintain they are an important part of life and they  will continue to be so.

Following the protests, Turkish women formed “Women Councils” all over Turkey. Now, those women from all over Turkey will come together in Istanbul on March 11th in “Women’s Council of Turkey”. Women from all regions of Turkey to include Antalya, Samsun, Tekirdag and Kahramanmaraş and over 30 provinces are expected to participate in the big meeting.

The event will be organized with participation of women from all walks of life and at the same time with the invitation of university and high school women and hundreds of women will speak about their future, the solutions against misogynous policies in a gathering where everybody will have equal say. Women who have been subjected to violence, families of killed women and artists will also attend the meeting.

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