Published On: Sat, Jun 24th, 2017

Worldwide famous towels from Bursa and ÖZDİLEK company

Bursa,which is famous for its weaving and thermal springs is also world wide known for its beautiful towels. Towel production started in Bursa centuries ago and today they are available allover the world. It is recorded in history books (Larousse volume 10,page:5118) that Bursa towels were exported to many foreign countries such as India, Iran, Syria, Egypt and the Balkan countries, in 18th and 19th centuries.

FROM SMALL LOOMS TO A GIANT ESTABLISHMENT: Özdilek which is the most prominent company in the towel sector, started producing towels and bathrobes with 2 Bursa looms, 5 employees and 10 tons towel production annually in 1971. In 1980 Özdilek reached 300 tons of towel production capacity. In 1981 towels were exported to Libya and England. In 1983 Özdilek established an integrated towel production plant with capacity of 1200 tons towels and it always attributed importance to quality and timely delivery of goods.

In time, to be parallel to recognition of its quality both locally and abroad, a siginificant  increase in foreign demand was achieved and the company started exportation to Europe, Middle East. In 2003, the company was in possession of 10000 tons of towel production capacity, thanks to its new investments. Based on a business philosophy that has a healthy vision of the future, the principle of continuous improvement and right investment, the number of employees has reached 5,000.

Özdilek which invests in developing technology in annual periods, in parallel to the company’s vision and quality understanding, has become one of the few companies producing high-quality towels and bathrobes in the world. The sector has adopted the brand, globally.


Özdilek has built giant shopping malls in several cities in Turkey and renders retailing services as well.


Today Özdilek with its wide product portfolio in home textiles is the largest organization in the sector exporting to more than 20 countries,


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