Published On: Sun, Dec 15th, 2013

Zuma: Japanese cuisine in Istanbul

JAPANESE RESTAURANTIstanbul is a giant city with lots of things to offer everyone. For example, a foreigner can also find all kinds of cuisines from all parts of the world.  Besides dining places where a visitor can find superb Turkish food there are Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese restaurants worth visiting.

Japanese restaurants have started enjoying demand in the last decade or so only.. Among those ZUMA is one of the most prominent alternatives. The restaurant is located at Ortaköy, one of the entertainment (clubs, bar etc) centers of Istanbul, next to the Bosphorus – the strait dividing the city into 2 parts, European and Asian.

As for the history of this dining ğlace, German-born chef Rainer Becker found this concept during his extended Japanese gastro-cultural visit and decided to try it in London, where he set up the first Zuma in 2002. He tweaked the idea in order to appeal to trendy foodies rather than to hungry workers, and its immediate success led to more outposts around the world, including the opening of Zuma Istanbul in 2008 in partnership with Istanbul Doors Group.

During the summer months the beautiful terrace at ZUMA offers an al fresco location for up to 140 guests who wish to dine at the water’s edge. The terrace features an outdoor robata grill and a sake bar. For those guests arriving by boat, a private jetty
allows direct access

Those who favor ZUMA say it has to do with following reasons:

  • Zuma serves up an innovative take on Japanese cuisine and the most visually sumptuous presentation of dishes.
  • The resto’s contemporary design and furnishing is sophisticated and elegant without being stuffy. It has the feel of a cozy lounge.
  • The service staff is some of the most professional and customer-oriented in town, and everyone speaks English.
  • After dinner, one can linger on at the well-stocked bar or move to the terrace which has a spectacular Bosphorus view.
  • One can continue partying at Angelique next door or The House Cafe around the corner from Zuma if so inclined.

The food is said to be delicious, the personnel very professional and dining ambience and music is referred to as very comforting.

Salhane Sokak 7, Ortaköy
(212) 236 2296
Mon-Fri 12.00-15.00 ; 19.00-23.30
Sat-Sun 13.00-16.00 ; 19.00-22 :20

For more detailed information visit LINK

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