What did investors win on Istanbul stock market in w/c April 8th?

In w/c April 8th, while investors made profit in the stock market, dollar and commodities lost value. The profit Borsa Istanbul (Bist) provided for its investors stood at an average of 3,06 percent. The selling price of 24-carat gold bullion fell down to 88.50 pounds showing a decrease of 2,43 percent. Following the announcement of Credit rating agency More...

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By admin On Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Turkey Weekly Economic Outlook (Week 32/2012)

In the first quarter of 2012, improvement signals in the balance of current account and inflation will be more powerful, leading  better conditions on the economy, if the economy in the second quarter of 2012  moves More...

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Turkey Weekly Economic Outlook (Week 31/2012)

TURKEY WEEKLY ECONOMIC OUTLOOK Considering the data about Turkey, the release of inflation and current account data was of great interest. We observe that there is a decline in current account deficit and in inflation More...