Alexandria Troas, an ancient city in Ezine Canakkale, dating back to 310 BC

ALEXANDRIA TROAS is an ancient city in Ezine (Çanakkale), 500 meters from the village of Dalyan. The historical ruins noticed on both sides of the road are the most obvious parts left from the ancient city of Alexandra Troas. The city of Alexandria Troas is spread over a very large area. The city was founded by Antigonos in 310 BC with the name Antigoneia. More...

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Attractions to see in CANAKKALE, a town connecting Asia Minor to Europe

CANAKKALE is one of the two cities in Turkey that connects Asia to Europe. The city which lies on the Asian (Anatolian) sides of the CANAKKALE STRAIT has kept its authenticity compared to many other towns in Turkey More...

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Canakkale, a gateway to Black Sea with many important historical attractions

CANAKKALE referred to as Hellespontos and Dardanel in ancient times has been a residential area in the north west of Anatolia (Asia Minor) since 3000 B.C. Thanks to Dardanelles Strait CANAKKALE is one of the two More...