Published On: Tue, May 28th, 2019

Turkey and Germany: Two countries with common wishes

ATİAD held the 7th Turkish-German Economy day in Düsseldorf Congress Center on May 4, 2019. North Rhine Westphalia Prime Minister Armin Laschet and Ambassador to Berlin Ali Kemal Aydin, said relationships between Germany and Turkey is open to the development


The program started at the Düsseldorf Congress Center at 10:30 and continued all day. Ambassador Ali Kemal Aydın was accompanied by the Consul General in Düsseldorf Ms.Şule Gürel, the Consul General of Münster Ms.Pınar Gülün Kayseri, Consul General of Essen Mr.Şener Cebeci and Consul General of Cologne Mr. Barış Ceyhun Erciyes. The delegation after having conversation with the representatives of companies moved to the hall where the program was held.

Chairman of ATİAD, Mr. Aziz Sarıyar said, “Turkish-German Economy Day (TAEG) has a mission of bringing together company executives, entrepreneurs, investors, business people, experts, academics, politicians, media representatives and the people interested in economy and commercial life. It is the largest event in its format, he continued. Since we realized the first Economy Day in 2009, we have reached a number of more than 72 thousand Turkish origin companies with a turnover of 35million euros. Today this has increased to more than 100 thousand companies with a turnover of 50 million euros. These companies operating in all sectors of business life are solid and inseparable parts of German economy. Regardless of the political situation in Turkey, the EU should not cut its ties with this country. Turkey shouldn’t make wrong assessments for EU’s direct investments, especially during the period of critical situations in her economy.”

The keynote speaker was Armin Laschet from CDU party of Germany. Laschet who is also the PM of North Rhine-Wastphalia with 705 billion Euro gross GDP in 2018, stated that the willingness to cooperate in economy was a subject that united the two countries, and this close cooperation allowed to make progress in mutual relations.

Laschet also pointed out that the developments in the world was amazing and said;

“While the US President suddenly starts talking about imposing customs duties on German cars noticing there are too many German cars on the streets of the USA, the Chinese President praises the benefits of free market economy. This shows that everything in the world is upside down. Countries in close cooperation for customs have to be more close to each other. Turkey and Germany can make progress in this cooperation.”

The Mayor of Düsseldorf, Mr.Thomas Geisel stated that he was pleased for ATİAD to be a Düsseldorf based society. He said that the migrant origin subsidiaries, including more than a thousand of Turkish companies, have made significant contributions to Düsseldorf economy.

The last speaker of the first session of the Turkish-German Economy Day was Mr.Ali Kemal Aydın, the Ambassador of Berlin. He drew attention to the historical friendship and common interests of the two countries which are strong enough to overcome hard times by focusing on common sense and respect for common interests.

Among the congress participants were;

Mr.Ahmet Kudsi Arslan, KT Bank AG General Manager
Ms.Burcu Ünüvar Turkey Industrial and Development Bank, Economic Resources Manager, Mr.Erdal Sağlam, Hürriyet Newspaper Columnist,
Mr.Baybars Altuntas, Chairman of World Business Angels Investment Forum
Mr.Alper Nalbant, KT Bank’s Treasury and Finance Manager
Mr.Ozan Demircan, Handelsblatt Newspaper Turkey Reviewer
Mr.Emre Ekmekçi, Hepsiburada International Group President
Mr.Nazım Salur, BiTaksi and Founder of Get Mobile Applications
Mr.Thomas Staba, Home Textile department manager
Mr.Volkan Kuru, marmara GmBH General Manager
Mr.Babur Akyol, Ortakalan
Ms.Öznur Altunbilek, Altunbilekler Human Resources and Corporate Manager
Mr.Volkan Aydın, ATGPP Coordinator
Mr.Cevdet Koçaş, Komutax General Manager
Mr.Vedat Kanat, Kanat&Partner General ManagerMr.Adem Köksal, Komutax

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