Published On: Sat, Mar 31st, 2018

Blue cruise in Turkey and points to consider before making any decisions

Blue cruise in Turkey and points to consider before making any decisions

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Blue tour has been a very popular activity among foreign tourists visiting Turkey as well as many locals. There is no doubt one can have an enjoyable experience on such a tour with pleasant memories to remember life-long. However there are points that should be considered to ensure this experience can be worth remembering.

You can rent a cabin on a tour or you can rent a complete boat. Of course, one of the important factors at this point will be the budget you are ready to spare for it.

If you like marine sports, for example sailing, you can choose to tour on a sailing boat. Certainly the experience of the captain will be a very important point here. Or else, if you are a good captain at the same time, you can hire a boat and use it yourself.

But if you are interested in the joy side of sailing, then it would be a good idea to choose a tour boat with a good company behind it. At this point we see gullets which have been very popular for quite a while now. You can find one that fits your taste and budget, without forgetting the “reliable company” factor.

The most important points will be the company and the captain with the crew who run the boat before entering any engagements about the tour. If you find out or decide they are good and safe your chances of making a pleasant holiday will also increase.

On the other hand, it would be wise to pay attention if there are other people going on the same tour together with you. It is worth to remember you will have to be with these people in the same small, narrow area, for quite a long time.

Also the duration of the tour could be important which would depend on the route you would chose. For example, a weekend could be enough for a tour along Bodrum coast as the distances to sail are not far. But if you had a plan to travel around the Greek islands, it might take at least a week.

The weather and the situation of the sea should be followed very well on these tours. Today, technology is a big help in this regard, but still we need to pay utmost attention to this point as well and it could help to be flexible by leaving some margin for some surprises when making the schedule.

Last but not least, it would certainly be necessary to make the final decision about the tour after discussing all these points with the person in charge at the tour operator and the captain. It would also be very helpful to obtain some references about the service quality of the company if available.

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