Arzu Kaprol.. A famous Turkish fashion designer


Turkish fashion designers have had considerable success stories starting from 1990s. The shorter distances have become between the western world and Turkey, the closer the relations have become to provide the opportunity of sharing traits of different cultures. Talking about culture Turkey is surely among the foremost countries to offer to the peoples More...

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By admin On Monday, June 20th, 2016

A Turkish supplier for fashion companies in the global leather goods sector

Turkey is among best places to buy high quality leather products at reasonably competitive prices as compared to many other countries. Turkish companies/producers have been serving this need for many years now. On More...

By admin On Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Boyner Holding returns its 50 percent shares back to Benetton

Boyner Holding has transferred its 50 percent stake in Benetton Giyim to the Benetton Group, according to a company statement issued July 20. The deal is subject to the approval of the Competition Board in Turkey, More...

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Turkish shoe company Ziylan acquires world famous Lumberjack

The local Turkish shoe company has acquired LUMBERJACK, the world famous ITALIAN  brand, a top executive of ZIYLAN Group told daily Hürriyet on March 16. Ziylan Group, the owner of the rapidly growing FLO shoe More...

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Turkish Orta Anadolu Denim Company Saves Lives in Lebanon

Anadolu has provided denim fabric to a socially conscious, value-added resource that has enabled the Women’s Association in Akkar to build a sustainable manufacturing for providing uniforms for children in need More...

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Koton.. Leading Turkish Fast Fashion Brand

Koton was founded in 1988 and has successfully created its place as a leading international fast fashion brand. The company offers a variety of garments and accessories at affordable prices, for men, women and More...