Let’s Learn Turkish – The Method

How does our teaching/learning system function? First, you are most welcome to our group. It would be very useful to take a look at below explanation about how our system to learn Turkish Works.
We normally use this FB group page to communicate about the topic and ask questions. However, our lessons (grammar content, exercises and answers) are published in related category on our web page with below link.
Generally speaking we use “DIRECT TRANSLATION/CORRECTION” method, in this course. You can find the CONTENT to be covered in this course on this link:  https://businessturkeytoday.com/learn-turkish
Important links are as below:
LET’S LEARN TURKISH: https://businessturkeytoday.com/learn-turkish
THE METHOD: https://businessturkeytoday.com/lets-learn-turkish-the-method
TURKISH LESSONS: https://businessturkeytoday.com/business/turkish-lessons
GRAMMAR: https://businessturkeytoday.com/business/turkish-lessons/grammar
EXERCISES & ANSWERS: https://businessturkeytoday.com/business/turkish-lessons/exercises
WHAT DO WE SUGGEST FOR NEWCOMERS (generally speaking)?
If you are not a speaker of Turkish – that is if you are able to use some expressions etc. only but do not have much of an idea about the grammar and all, we suggest you start from the very beginning. The reason being if the foundation of the building is not good, it will always collapse (certainly an analogy). Therefore please start from the very beginning to know what but mainly WHY/HOW etc.
-Do the grammar first
– find the related exercise, provide your answers in comment box…
-find the correct answers provided by us
-check your answers
-forward questions if any on our “FACEBOOK GROUP PAGE”
(Note that you can also use the search box on the web page if need be)
Simple as that but also VERY DIFFICULT because it requires “some work”.
Also please always keep in mind “Practice makes perfect” – so exercises are essential.
This way, you can start from the subject “TO BE” (on top of the grammar contents) and move down forward as you do the exercises and forward your questions to be answered by us.
It takes much more patience and work than brains – I need to emphasize. The reason is that we are talking about speaking “basic/simple Turkish” here so all we need is consistency and work (yes, a little hard work) – more than talent,  believe me.