Let’s Learn Turkish

This category is to help expatriates living in Turkey with their Turkish language skills and improve their grammar, vocabulary etc. as well as other foreign friends visiting this country regularly.
Certainly it is open to others interested in Turkey and Turkish culture and would like to learn Turkish.
On this page;
– We do EXERCISES (sentences/translation exercises)
– We provide ANSWERS
You can also use below link for pronunciation
(We can send VOICE POSTS to our members to contribute to their pronunciation, if need be)
Our GRAMMAR PROGRAM is as follows:
To be (Present Simple Tense),
Action verbs (Present Simple Tense)
Action verbs (Present Continuous Tense)
To be (Past Simple Tense),
Action verbs (Past Simple Tense)
– To be (Future Tense),
Action verbs (Future Tense)
– Auxiliary verbs (MUST, WILL, CAN, MAY)
– Conjuctions
– Question words
– Conditional Sentences
– Relative Clauses
– Reported Speech
– Passive Voice
– AND more …

(We have a conversation group on Facebook where we ask questions & provide answers in more detail)


This service is run by www.BUSINESSTURKEYTODAY.com free of charge.