Published On: Mon, Jul 1st, 2013

Ezinç.. 5th largest solar energy company in the world

ERINC_SOLAR_PANELEzinç which managed to rank fifth among the twenty largest companies producing solar energy systems worldwide, exports its own branded solar energy panels to eighty countries.

The company started producing solar energy systems in Kayseri in 1978 and managed to export the first solar collector made in Turkey in 1994.

Turkey’s leading company in the solar energy systems sector now exports to 80 countries.

Ezinç manufactures solar collectors, boilers, solar batteries and panel radiators.

In a research covering 56 countries and conducted by Sun & Wind Energy Magazine, Ezinç ranked 5th largest company worldwide, leaving companies operating in countries such as Denmark, Greece, Brazil, Australia, China and Israel.

Exports worldwide

Ezinç with an annual manufacturing capacity of 400 thousand square meters of collector and 55 thousand of hot water tanks, exports 40 percent of its production.

The company having reached 3 million square capacity this year targets to increase its power in the sector by continuing its activities in the increasingly valuable resource of renewable energy.

The company with an investment of 1,7 million Turkish lira in automation of solar collector and hot water tank manufacturing in its factory in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone, has identified its growth rate target to be 10 percent for the year 2010.

Having realised a growth rate of 12 percent in the first quarter of the year the company is determined to maintain its leading and market defining brand identity in Turkey.


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