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Gübretaş.. A giant Turkish company in fertilizer sector

Gübretaş.. A giant Turkish company in fertilizer sector

Gübretaş Fertilizer Production Facility, Turkey –

GÜBRETAŞ proceeds on its way with the vision to become “a giant and a leading company in Turkey and establish itself as a well-known brand in the world”.  In order to reach this objective, it has adopted the investment strategy in the countries having raw material resources; and in 2008, the consortium, led by GÜBRETAŞ, has purchased Iran’s Razi Petrochemical Company. Being the largest industrial investment of Turkey abroad, this initiative is the first significant step of GÜBRETAŞ in becoming a global actor while search for investments and cooperation in the countries, possessing phosphate resources also continues.

gubretasGÜBRETAŞ has entered into the international maritime transportation sector right after its investment abroad. It has become one of the major partners of NEGMAR, which was established for this purpose. NEGMAR continues expanding its fleet with the dry cargo ships it has purchased since the company was established.

In addition to chemical fertilizers, constituting its primary field of activity, GÜBRETAŞ has established TARKİM Bitki Koruma San. ve Tic. A.Ş. in collaboration with Agricultural Credit Cooperatives in December 2009 in order to operate in the field of agricultural pesticides, which is another important input of agriculture.

Drawing attention with its gradual investments in the recent years, GÜBRETAŞ was selected as the “Fastest Growing Company in Turkey” in September 2010 by Fortune Magazine.

In last 10 years (to 2010) Turkey consumed average of 5.3 million tons of fertilizers per year. Gubretas has the 27% market share in Turkish fertilizer sector according to the statistics of 2007. Yarımca plant produces %35 of Gubretas’ total annual sale. It is located in İzmit Gulf where most of the important Turkish industrial plants are based. Yarımca plant consists of one TSP and two NPK plants. In these 3 plants Gubretas produces 500.000 MT/year NPK and 185.000 MT/year TSP fertilizers. Yarımca plant contains bagging, warehousing and storing facilities and a port that can disharge various kinds of bulk and liquid products.

Gübre Fabrikaları is very strong in the 100% soluble fertilizer market in Turkey. These products are produced in Izmir, an important commercial and industrial city in Turkey. The production capacity for liquid fertilizers are 5 million liter/year and 2 milyon kg/year for powder fertilizers.

Gübre Fabrikaları also has logistic bases in İzmir, İskenderun and Samsun where there are storing and bagging facilities. There are works underway to establish another logistic base in Tekirdag which is a port city. Gubre Fabrikaları runs its marketing operations through district headoffices in Tekirdag, İzmir, Ankara, İskenderun, Samsun and Diyarbakır.


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