Published On: Tue, Nov 7th, 2017

Head of Turkey’s TOBB: “Ayvalık Olive Oil will become a global brand”

Head of Turkey's TOBB: “Ayvalık Olive Oil will become a global brand"

Mr. HISARCIKLIOGLU, head of TOBB (Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) explained that initiative had been started to register AYVALIK OLIVE OIL trademark in Europe and this product would become a reputable well sought global brand in close future.

TOBB President who participated in the 13th Ayvalık International Olive Harvest Days program, stated that Ayvalık olive oil received geographical signs thanks to Ayvalık Chamber of Commerce, and necessary steps were taken to have it registered in Europe as this product would become a popular brand globally, in the future. He also said they as the union would provide all the support during this process. He added that he believed globally known olive-oil of Ayvalık would reach the place it deserves thanks to the beautiful work of the Ayvalık municipality and the union.

TOBB President also pointed out that this activity was very important for both Ayvalık and the country as well as the district economy. The President stating that there were three products to prolonge human life said “Three of these grow in Turkey; Olives, nuts and grapes. But we still do not appreciate their value. Plus, olive is a symbol of both wealth and peace. An olive tree lives for a thousand years. No other tree lives that long. This geography is the land of olives and 90 percent of the world’s olive production is done in the Mediterranean basin. As Turkey, we are in the 4th place in the world olive production after Spain, Italy and Greece. This year was good in terms of exports. We export olive oil to more than 100 countries. In the season of 2017, our exports of olive oil increased by 216 percent compared to the previous season and rose to USD 174 million from USD 55 million.”

The President also said: “Everything you produce in this region is famous; You have Ayvalık toast, curd sweet, gummy ice-cream and more… You also have tourism. You have 22 islands of various sizes. Cunda (popular touristic island) , Sarımsaklı (poular beach) and Altınova are here. This place is almost a paradise with the longest sandy beach in the world, with its unique historical architecture and more. The whole issue is to focus on “how to bring in more revenues”. There is one solution to it: Make this place you live at, the products you produce and your country a brand. And that is exactly what you are trying to do anyway. You are transforming the Kırlangıç ​​Olive Oil factory project into a life center where people of Ayvalık will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and all. Moreover, to be most important Ayvalik Mayor and Ayvalık Chamber Chairperson have set a common goal: They are determined to see to it that Ayvalık takes its place on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List. As long as you have this perseverance and unity, I am confident that you will accomplish this as well. Ayvalık is already among the 5 most livable provinces in Turkey.”

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