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Phone Services in Turkey

TELEPHONE_TURKEYPublic Phone Services

 Local and Toll Calls

Istanbul has both a European side and an Asian side and they have different area codes. The area code for the European side of İstanbul is 212 and the area code for the Asian side of Istanbul is 216 If you are calling from the European side (212) to the Asian side (216) then you will need to dial 0-216 plus the seven-digit telephone number and vice versa. (If you are calling from the Asian side to the European side, you would dial 0-212 plus the seven-digit number). If you are calling someone on the same side, you do not need to dial the area code and can simply dial the normal seven-digit telepehone number.

For long distance calls within Turkey, or when calling anyone with a different area code, first dial 0, then the area code, and then the seven-digit number.

Emergency Numbers

These numbers are valid anywhere in Turkey and immediately put you in contact with Turkish emergency services. These services are offered free of charge, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

110 Fire
112 Emergency
155 Police
156 Gendarme
158 Coast Security
177 Forest Fire

Operator Assisted Toll Calls

Dialing the special number 131 will connect you with a Türk Telekom operator. Give the operator the telephone number you wish to call and the type of call you wish to make (i.e. collect) and they will connect you. Unfortunately, most Türk Telekom operators do not speak English or any other foreign language so bear that in mind.

International Calls

To make an international call from Turkey, dial
00 + Country Code + Area Code + Telephone Number

A call from abroad to Turkey would have the same format.
(Country Code of Turkey is 90)

Access Code of the Country + 90 + Area Code + 7 digits telephone number

Operator Assisted International Calls

By dialing 0800 314 0115 you can reach Türk Telekom international operator. Register the call details with the operator -i.e. type of call, country, and telephone number. The operator will assist you with the connection.

00-800- Home Country Direct Calls can be made from any private or public telephone.

Pay Phones

Public telephones are conveniently located throughout the country. Two types of pay phones are available – one is operated with coins and the other with telephone cards.

Pay Phones with Token

Lift the receiver and place the appropriate token into the proper slot. When you hear a beeping sound and see the red light on the machine turn off, you can place your call. If a beeping sound is heard during the conversation, this is a signal that your time is about to run out. If you want to continue the conversation, quickly place additional tokens into the slot.

Pay Phones with Telephone Cards

Lift the receiver and place the card (cards can be purchased with 30, 60, and 100 units) into the slot. When a beeping sound is heard, dial the number. During the conversation if you hear a beeping sound, that reminds you that your credits are about to run out. You will see the number of remaining units flashing and the message “Change Card” on the display. When you see this message press the “Card Change” button and insert the new card. When you place a call from any kind of phone there will be a charge in accordance with the length of the call and the distance to the number dialed. Türk Telekom began issuing philatelic telephone cards in 1997 due to the demand from local and foreign collectors.

Magnetic telephone cards (thematic, advertised telephone cards) are issued in units of 30, 60 and 100.

Smart cards, available since 1996, can be used in pay phones and can be purchased in units of either 100 or 350. There are also a large number of credit card operated phones now available in major cities.

The Türk Telekom Global Card is easy to use and you can use this card to call anywhere in the world.

You can purchase the above mentioned phone cards in various locations and outlets, such as: Türk Telekom shops, small convenience shops called Bakkal (they often stick these phone cards in the window to advertise that they are for sale), and sometimes at small vendors stall that tend to locate themselves near tourist areas and particularly near the phone booths.

Fault Repair

You can dial 121 and follow the instructions on the answering machine.

Public and Social Services Numbers

154 Traffic
170 Tourism
174 Security
175 Consumer
180 Labor Exchange
181 Environment
182 Psychological Depression
183 Woman and Social Services
184 Health
185 Water Breakdown
186 Electricity Breakdown
187 Gas Breakdown
188 Funeral Services
189 Tax Information

If you use a card operated public phone, you can directly dial the emergency number without inserting the card. However if you use a coin operated public phone, you should insert the coin although it is returned at the end of the call.


International Operator: 0800 314 0 115
Dial 0800 314 0 115 and let the operator place your international call.

Toll Operator: 131

Dial 131 to place long distance domestic calls via the operator.

Directory Assistance: 11811

To get phone a number, call 11811, and let the operator help you.

Paging Operator: 133

If you wish to send a message to someone who owns a pager, you can dial the pager and send your short notation message, or, you can call 133 and let the operator help you.


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