Published On: Tue, Aug 21st, 2018

Rouhani declares Iran can make cooperation with Turkey in field of defense

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani who criticized US sanctions against Turkey stated that Turkey and Iran could make cooperation in the field of defense industry. Speaking at the publicity meeting held in Tehran for “KEVSER” war jet Rouhani made statements on US sanctions and relations with neighboring countries.

He shared that they wanted to produce low-cost and high-impact weapons in the defense industry and added Iran is becoming increasingly strong in this field.

Rouhani also stated that Iran could cooperate with Turkey and Pakistan as neighboring and friendly countries in the field of defense and added these countries could make war planes and more provided they worked together.

Rouhani who criticized US sanctions against Turkey, underlined that  for more cooperation with Iran’s neighboring countries.

He also argued that the United States was an “unreliable” state in the world and knew well the price would be very heavy for them in case of an onslaught against Iran.

In the meantime, it was announced that the new war plane had avionics and domestic systems, HUD indicators, multipurpose radars, intelligent map reading features.

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