Published On: Sat, Sep 9th, 2017

Foreign Affairs Ministry releases message for Turks to visit Germany or living there

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a message to warn Turkish citizens to go to Germany as well as those living there. In the warning text, it said that “citizens should not enter political controversy and act with good temper against any xenophobic and racist treatment, behavior and verbal attacks they could face”

Here are headings from said warning message;

“In Germany, political leaders are building electoral campaigns on the basis of anti-Turkey and the basis of preventing EU membership of our country. The political atmosphere in these countries is essentially a matter of increasingly extreme right and even racist rhetoric.

A party leader in Germany, nominating for Chancellor is clearly a racist and it is a matter of concern and prudence that no measures are taken by the German authorities against the declarations of said leader, containing racist elements. In Germany, discrimination is also made on the basis of political opinions among Turkish citizens, and for this reason some verbal attacks are being directed against some of our citizens.

The message summarizes the controversial situations Turkish administration has lived through with Germany and ends with below “striking” statement;

“Do not enter political debate”

“With all these above considerations in mind, our citizens who live in Germany or plan to travel to this country should be cautious regarding their activities and behave with prudence in case of any racist treatment, behavior and verbal aggression, not entering any political controversies.  It will be to their benefit to stay away from areas of activity such as demonstrations, hiking, etc., held before the political party meetings, organized by terrorist organizations or supported by the German authorities. It will also be beneficial for our citizens to follow up additional warnings and announcements that our Ministry, our Embassy in Berlin and our Consulate General in Germany may do.

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