Published On: Thu, Nov 3rd, 2016

Who is ahead, Clinton or Trump according to US election poll tracker?

Ameerica is totally focuesd on the coming election on November 8th and citizens are to vote either for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to choose their next president. The numbers have begun to tighten as we approach election day amid crises affecting both Democratic contender Hillary Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump. It is estimated that 48 percent of voters would go for Clinton today whereas  45 percent would vote for Trump. That is several days before election, only. The BBC poll of polls looks at the five most recent national polls and takes the median value, ie, the value between the two figures that are higher and two figures that are lower.

No doubt the result of the election – whatever it may be  – is to influence the global politics for several years ahead of us, as has the case always been so far. It is also amazing though (and very disappointing) that a country that claims to be pioneering in democracy and and liberty globally, cannot introduce “better” alternatives to the the world rather than candidates like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump who do not seem to have a past record good enough to volunteer to be in power and have a say about senstive issues in the world for several years to come.

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