Bosphorus_bridge_IstanbulTurkey has been home to many civilisations, lying as it does at a strategic geographical junction where Europe and Asia meet. The country is actually located on both continents. Anatolia, the land on Asia is called the cradle of the civilisations. Today, the East meets the West in Turkey’s culture. Formerly center of the Islamic Ottoman Empire, Turkey became a republic in 1923. The new leader, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk realized a series of reforms in an effort to westernize his country. This set the stage for rapid modernization and the adoption of western systems in law, education,  politics etc.

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Istanbul Sights
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Turkey Historical Sites


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Nightlife in Turkey






For visitors who would like to discover more of Turkey
top things to see and do would be following;

1. Mount Nemrut (in Eastern Turkey), watch the sunrise
2. Anitkabir (Moseleum of M. Kemal Ataturk in Ankara)
3. Taste “Doner and Sish Kebap”. Turkish food is really good
4. Visit the House of Virgin Mary in Ephesus and Selcuk ruins. It was established in 3000 BC and includes remains from the Ionic, Lydian, Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk periods. Ephesus is a sight not to be missed.
5. Old Quarter – The historic nucleus of Antalya. This district is now restored and has became an attractive touristic center with its taverns, hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities, the world and known for its superb acoustic and it is still used for concerts.
6. Go on a boat trip called ” Blue Journey” in Bodrum and Marmaris. You will never forget it.
7. Visit Cappadocia, early Christian settlement and volcanic rock formations( Fairy Chimneys)
8. See the Artemis Temple, one of the seven wonders of the world!
9. Enjoy oriental night clubs and belly dancing
10. Climb up the mountains in the Black Sea region. It will be your unforgettable tracking experience in your life. Spend a few days in Ayder Plato of Kaçkar Mountains, walk up to the hidden mountain lakes and fell inner-trueself of you.
11. Go shopping and buy pure silk, soft towels from Bursa, the first capital city of the Ottoman Empire,carpets ,leather and jewelry!
12. Grand Bazaar / Covered Bazaar. Justmentioning their names is enough I guess. 13. Also visit the ancient city of Urfa in the southeast that includes “gobeklitepe” which has the most ancient sculptures ever found anywhere of the world.

And NEEDLESS TO SAY you would need to spare more than a few days for ISTANBUL which has been one of the TRUE CENTERS of the world all along history. It has so much to offer; both in terms of historical sites to visit and the amazingly exotic and yet fast and modern style of life & culture