Published On: Wed, Dec 13th, 2017

A Turkish friendly foreign diplomat family in Turkey and “guide dogs”

A Turkish friendly foreign diplomat family in Turkey and “guide dogs”

Turkey … The strong and fast developing economy in the Middle East (albeit many believe it belongs to Europe)… A powerful country that has managed to recover from significant strains it has gone through in the past decades, in particular… The land that all major political powers of the world are focused on due to its geopolitical position…

Our short story is about a politician or rather a successful foreign diplomat who served in this country for several years and his lady at a time when they have to say farewell to Turkey, finally… To be more precise, we are referring to Mr. Richard Moore, the U.K. Ambassador to Turkey and Ms. Maggie Moore who have been with us for several years now.

During his stay in Turkey, while the ambassador represented his country and its interests in a perfect way with his extremely friendly attitude, intelligent, respectful and well-managed statements and comments, maintaining his relations with the Turkish government at a very favorable distance, he also managed to win the love and respect of Turkish people, in general.

(As a Fenerbahçe fan and the author of these lines I could have said “all was perfect except he is a fan of Beşiktaş football club”. But I refrain from doing so as we Turks all appreciate the super performance of Beşiktaş which has honored us in Europe recently and in fact, it deserves all the credit for it.)

On the other hand, we want to talk about another and even much more important issue the ambassador’s esteemed wife, Ms. Maggie Moore is involved in. This esteemed lady is also saying good-bye to our country, leaving behind even a bigger contribution to Turkey and our people, I suppose. Maggie Hanım has made great efforts to introduce and promote “the Guide Dogs” concept to our country. There is no doubt that she (together with her friends working for the same association) has been very successful on this path because one can see there is now a growing awareness of “how great a help a guide do can be” in daily lives of the people with “sight problems”. We sincerely appreciate and express our gratitude to the “Guide Dogs Association” which was set up to work on this subject and help these people, and we also wholeheartedly thank Ms. Maggie Moore for making this happennot forgetting to thank Star, the couple’s guide dog as well, for her contribution too.

Of course, it is our hope and belief that Turkey will have the opportunity of hosting this friendly couple again in near future and we look forward to it.

For more information on “Guide Dogs”, go to the link below.

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