Published On: Mon, Sep 25th, 2017

An opinion: Is the last “bloody fight” in the ME region about to start?

Turkish troops in Iraq

Things in the Middle East continue to get more and more confusing each and every day. It is no secret that the powerful involvement of Russia in the conflict prevailing in the region has made life real difficult for the USA (and its ally Israel) to achieve their targets to the benefit of these two countries and not the peoples living in the region.

Today, with the last card being played via the “REFERENDUM” to be held in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq, things have got even more complicated and the region is facing an irrevocable threat of another fight between those states that support the attempt such as the USA, Israel (and allies) and those that are against it which claim “the referendum for independence” (and consequences) would pose a very serious threat for other countries in the region, like Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Russia.

Mr. Ali DOGAN, a veteran opinion leader has summarized the picture in very solid words as follows:

“Unfortunately, the last bloody fight to include Turkey as well is about to begin. I personally thought, Barzani would postpone the referendum, but the picture shows there are wheels within wheels. This picture is likely to turn into a bloody fight again.

In the last analysis, in the further course of the event, Russia-Iran-Iraq-Turkey-Syria-Azerbaijan-Pakistan and some Arab countries may form a bloc in which case countries such as USA-EU-Israel-Barzani-Armenia-Greece would be in the other bloc. Unluckily such a fight between these two blocs would be very tough.

Let us hope and pray brotherhood and peace will prevail and that this confrontation will not begin, at all. If it does though, we stand by our country for the survival of our state and nation, needless to say.”

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