Published On: Fri, Sep 22nd, 2017

Brexit survey results say “UK should stay in EU”

Should UK give up on Brexit?

Euroskepticism and a rejection of establishment parties are on the rise in the EU. Amid the turmoil, a recent survey has looked at how Germany and other EU states view a possible “Brexit” and its consequences. With the UK’s June 23 referendum just over two months away, a survey taken this month looked to Germany, Poland, France and Spain for opinions about a possible “Brexit” – how likely they thought it was, whether they wanted it and whether it would hurt the EU.

The German-based pollsters Infratest-dimap conducted the nationwide telephone and online surveys in cooperation with institutes in each of these countries between April 4 and 14. The sample size ranged from 1,000 to 1,500 voters aged18 and up in each country, except in the UK, which included residents unable to vote as well.

Most want the UK to stay in the EU: When asked whether the United Kingdom should remain in the EU, the vast majority of respondents said yes. Germany showed the most support with 78 percent wanting the island nation to stay. In Spain, France and Poland, 67 percent, 59 percent and 54 percent respectively also said yes.

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