Published On: Fri, Sep 22nd, 2017

Going on holiday has become easier for Turks in the last 10 years

Owing to reasons such as the increase of household income by 2.5 times in the last ten years and the different price options and packages tourism companies offer holiday makers, the opportunity to go on holiday for holiday makers has increased to 34 percent.

According to the information gathered from the data by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT), the average annual equivalent household income in Turkey has increased from TL 8,050 to TL 19,139 In the last 10 years.

In parallel with the rising prosperity in said the period, the private budget citizens have allocated for themselves and their families has also increased. In this framework, the possibility to cover the cost of a weekly holiday away from the house went from 11.5 percent in 2007 to to 34 percent in 2016. Accordingly the increase in income has increased the demand for travel, as well.

The increase and diversification of travel facilities were effective in the increase of people who go on holiday, as well as more competitive prices and the number of installments.

No doubt domestic facilities have spent effort to compensate for the decline in overseas demand in recent years in favor of holiday makers. Also, the fact that air-transport ticket prices have become more affordable and the safety of the double roads in road transport have contributed substantially to this positive development for the industry.

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