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Kavaklıdere, leading wine company in Turkey

KAVAKLIDERE_BASMANKAVAKLIDERE Winery, the first private sector wine producer in Turkey was founded by Mr. Cenap And in Ankara in 1929. The company has enjoyed a consistent growth to become Turkey’s leading wine producer.

Kavaklıdere owns 562 hectares of vineyards in the most important wine-producing area of Anatolia, where professional growers strive to maintain the perfect grapes-soil-climate equation so as to increase the potential of the vines that have produced the grapes suitable for the the production of  Anatolian wines for hundreds of years.

The company also produces wines from international grape varieties grown in Anatolia’s varied micro-climates.

The company is celebrating its 82nd year, and its products are produced in modern facilities and vineyards located in Ankara-Akyurt, Cappadocia-Gülşehir and Aegean-Kemaliye-Pendore.

Kavaklıdere Winery has a storage capacity for 19.5 million liters and exports almost 20% of its production, which consists of 51 different wines, plus two grape juices to European, American and Far Eastern markets.


Since its foundation Kavaklıdere Winery has been the first company to undertake many projects, to promote the development of a wine culture and the consumption of wine in Turkey.

“Karaf Magazine” (Carafe Magazine), “Şarap ve şarapçılık dosyası” (The Wine and Winemaking File) and Kavaklıdere’s own cultural and educational publications are distributed to Turkey’s wine enthusiasts.

For many years both foreign and local wine enthusiasts have been offered “vintage tours” to vineyards owned by Kavaklıdere in Turkey’s most important grape-growing regions. These tours hosted by Kavaklıdere Winery have played a leading role in the growing popularity of the country’s wine tourism industry.

Kavaklidere regularly organizes “Kavaklıdere Wine and Dine Evenings”, where we match our wines with world cuisine. We provide educational experience for curious and conscious wine-lovers; HORECA training, targeting the food and beverage sector, and “Kav Ekol” training for professional wine tasters and other candidates wishing to enter a career in Horeca.


The company owns very reputable products such as;

Côtes d’Avanos, Pendore, Prestige, Egeo, Selection,Vin-Art, Ancyra, Classic, Sade, Angora, Sofra, Primeur, Dessert Wines, Sparkling Wines, Fortified Wines, Grape Juices


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