Published On: Sun, Dec 23rd, 2018

Moda, the most popular, peaceful and modern neighborhood to live at, in Istanbul

Moda, the most popular, peaceful and modern neighborhood to live at, in Istanbul

Moda is undoubtedly one of the most modern, comfortable, peaceful and civilized districts of Istanbul. It attracts millions in Istanbul thanks to its multicultural neighborhood atmosphere. The rumor says that the first civilization in this area was established by Phoenicians at a very early age. It was in 1350 that the Ottomans settled in Kadıköy (the Asian side of Istanbul where Moda is located).

In the years following the Tanzimat (reform) period dduring the Ottoman Empire time – that is towards the end of 19th century, when westernization movements prevailed – minorities from Europe were observed to flock to this area. Because a trend to settle and live here was started by Greeks, Armenians as well as elite Ottomans the place was called MODA by locals, meaning “trendy/fashion”. At least, that is how the story goes.

At that time many architectural and artistic works, schools of western origin, churches and other buildings gradually started to shape this new area. For instance, many mansions with gardens  were built at this place in those years, as the most beautiful examples of Ottoman-Western architecture.

However Moda has unfortunately lost many of its historical buildings during the period starting 1950 with due newly built concrete structures to replace those artistic mansions and alike.

As for important hints to remember when you are at Moda, one could refer the “historic” Moda Pier (built by Vedat Bey, one of the famous architects of the period, between 1916-1917), Kadıköy-Moda Nostalgic Tram (was re-commissioned in 2003, is still in service on a 2.6-kilometer area and 10 stations between Kadıköy-Moda) and Yogurtcu Park (Kurbagalıdere, the longest creek of Kadıköy area, has a total length of 67 thousand 680 meters)

The stream was surrounded by the mansions of the pashas during the Ottoman period and served as a recreation place which was later replaced by the park.

And finally, you will see Moda Club (Moda Deniz Kulübü), founded in 1935 on the order of Atatürk. It is one of the oldest clubs in Istanbul. It has adopted its contemporary life style and serves as one of the symbols of Moda with its prestigious past.


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