Published On: Sat, Aug 29th, 2020

Hotel prices reported to skyrocket in Istanbul where Formula 1 Grand Prix will be held

Istanbul Park which will host the Formula 1 Grand Prix for the first time in 8 years after it was removed from the calendar on 13-15 November 2020. Although it is not clear yet whether spectators will be allowed to watch the races, it is said that some races in the Formula 1 season will be open to a limited number of spectators.

This situation has caused the hotels in the area where the Formula 1 track is located to reach full occupancy and raise their room prices substantially. At the moment, the prices of hotels that have not yet sold their rooms have risen by 5 fold. Room prices, which are 50-60 euros today, exceed 300 euros for the date on which the races will be held.

Turkey hosted the world’s fastest vehicles for the first time in 2005. Formula 1 racing, which has followers from all parts of the world, was last held in 2011, and after 2012, Turkey was never again included in the race calendar. But when racing could not be held in many countries due to the pandemic this year, F1 races returned to Turkey after a break of about 8 years.

That’s why many people are already booking hotels, not wanting to be desperate on the dates when the races will be held. On the other hand, the interest of both international and Turkish press organizations to follow the races is very high. This is another element that leads to an increase in hotel occupancy rates.

Based on some information shared on social media (TW) a person who wants to watch the races for 2 days will pay $ 4,484. The fee to be paid for 3 days is $ 5,251.

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