Published On: Fri, Jan 3rd, 2014

Safkar: Top Brand for Mobile Climate Control in Eastern Europe & ME


Safkar: Top Brand for Mobile Climate Control in Eastern Europe & ME

The mobile climate control market is growing in parallel to the improvement in life standards all over the world. Companies operating in this sector are in a tough competition and a Turkish origined company called SAFKAR among the leading group of companies in the sector.

Safkar competes with global actors in every segment of mobile climate control and has certainly established its leadership in the Eastern Europe and Middle East markets..


Safkar is Turkey’s biggest brand in commercial vehicle climate control systems. It is among top five in Europe.

It operates as designers and producers in said sector and is the leader in Eastern Europe and Middle East. The core markets of the company are Europe and Middle East. It also exports to various countries from Asia to Northern Africa with its more than 20,000 units, providing 100% guarantee on parts and service.

Safkar has an operation center in Düsseldorf where it runs studies on issues such as product development and after-sale performance to increase the efficiency of the company in Europe.

Its competitiveness and perfection of its products are the biggest assets of SAFKAR which exports rail vehicles to the markets ranging from Malaysia and Iran to Greece.

The company provides products to major industries in Turkey, Malaysia and Ukrane.


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