Published On: Tue, Nov 5th, 2019

Since opening in 2018 Istanbul Airport has served 40 million passengers in one year

Turkey has one of the largest airports in the world; ISTANBUL AIRPORT. President ERDOGAN opened the airport in October last year. After quite a busy operation of one year, the Ministry shared some figures regarding the performance of the giant facility.

Cahit TURHAN, Minister of Transportation noted that scheduled flights to Istanbul Airport were launched on October 31, 2018, and the date for full capacity operation was 7th April. He also said, “Since the opening of the airport, service was rendered to 9 million 872 thousand passengers on domestic lines and 30 million 597 thousand passengers on international lines totaling to 40 million altogether”.

Istanbul Airport which is the world’s largest airport built from scratch, was opened by President ERDOGAN in the 95th year of the Republic. TURHAN pointed out when the airport starts being used with full capacity it will be the largest airport in Europe and a global aviation hub hosting more than 100 airlines and flights to over 300 destinations around the world.

The average number of internal landings/take-offs is 310 daily, while the average number for international landings/take-offs is 932. At full capacity, the airport will serve more than 200 million passengers per year after the completion of all four phases with six runways by 2028. It will provide more than $30.65 billion of revenue to the government annually. With the remaining phases to be completed by 2028, the airport will sport six separate runways with a capacity of 500 aircraft and an annual capacity of more than 200 million passengers.

The airport was built environmental friendly and will produce its own energy and will contribute to development of Turkey as well via the additional revenue as well as the increase in employment.

Some other figures indicating the size of the facility
Total area: 76.5 million square meters
Duration of the 1st stage: 42 months
Number of flights in 1 year: 252.795
Total number of passengers: 40.470.045
Average daily number of passengers on domestic lines: 49.051
The average daily number of passengers on international lines is 152.558.

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