Published On: Fri, Jan 31st, 2014

High-Tech company in Kocaeli, Turkey: Teknodrom “Robotics & Automation” Inc.

HIGH TECH TEKNODROMTurkey, on the way to its target to take its place among the top 10 economies in the world by 2023 certainly needs to improve its technology sector to realize its goals and most important balance its foreign trade deficit.

Although the current government has been paying more attention to this issue as compared to previous ones, the fact is Turkey needs to work much harder to claim it does have a satisfactory advanced technology sector.

Still there are quite a few Turkish companies  today which are able to take the challenge on the international markets, among which we should definitely refer TEKNODROM ROBOTICS Company, in Kocaeli.

Founded as an engineering company focused on Research and Development, Teknodrom opened its headquarters at GOSB Teknopark in 2003. Teknodrom is structured to provide robotic solutions that meet the customer’s demands for functionality, quality, productivity and on-time delivery to 100%. To succeed at this, Teknodrom applies all available technology to bring our projects to a successful completion.

The company has the vision “to constantly develop and improve in its own field for each passing day, drawing on past experience to find new and extraordinary ways to develop the high tech solutions of the future”. The administration believes the way to success is to invest in intelligent and knowledgeable employees to fulfill their goal of being a futuristic, innovative and entrepreneurial company.

The company has adopted the mission of

  • Developing R & D projects and moving our country forward in technological field
  • Not only using the technology also developing it
  • Marketing the R & D projects’ resulting products in Turkey and worlwide and being the leader in the industry
  • Providing continuity and security of the quality and the experience
  • Provide the best service to existing customers and win new customers

The company can produce high-tech products such as “Six axis robot with high access capacity”. They have giant global customers such as RENAULT, FIAT and many many more. See REFERENCES.

The company has started a joint venture in Sweden to penetrate world markets.

Compiled by editor, BTT

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