Published On: Sun, Sep 3rd, 2017

Turkish Anadolu Isuzu company will develop electric bus for public transportation

Anadolu Isuzu Electric Bus

Anadolu Isuzu, a major Turkish automotive company has started to work on the development of a 24 meters electric bus for public transport. The vehicle is designed to have double berths with a capacity of 300 passengers.

The vehicle which will be the first electric bus with such length will use 100 percent electric energy with rechargeable batteries and the solar panels on the top will provide the vehicle with power for air conditioning etc.

Range capacity of the vehicle will obviously depend on the climate (air conditioning etc.), and related road conditions which will effect power consumption directly. However, these electric vehicles when charged at night will be able to meet the required capacity during the day.

Passengers waiting at bus stops will be able to learn information such as “how busy the bus is, which the door is more occupied etc.” before the bus arrives at the stop, due to the technology to be used on these vehicles.

The project is still under development with only Turkish designers and engineers working at the Anatolian Isuzu R & D center. The company is in touch with many municipalities which are supposed to be main prospective buyers obviously and hopes to establish the necessary substructure to start production in the close future.

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