Published On: Tue, Jan 5th, 2016
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What is next in the Middle East as the political atmosphere keeps warming?

OBAMA-ARABSWhat is next in the Middle East?

Middle East.. Certainly the most volatile political zone in the world..

When we take a look at the region it is truly confusing to see that Islam is the dominating religion and yet most wars between countries in the area seem to originate from this religion itself. One would normally consider it a big paradox..

However the reality says the bloodshed in the region is not due to the fact tens of millions belong to the Islam religion but it is due to sectarian differences and the fight among those as to who will dominate in said part of the world as well as across the globe.

It also seems clashes are among large groups such as al-Qaeda and Isis etc belonging to the Sunni sect versus the Shia sect. However when you look at the issue a little more carefully it is no secret anymore that most of such militant/terrorist groups are created, organized and supported by some major powers, USA to be in the first row.

Having said that a very naive question would be “why in the hell would a country of liberty, democracy and freedom such as the USA start such a global trouble in the world, which could even turn against itself some time later as is the case in the twin towers disaster?”

Well, to start off with we are sure even the president of the US does not understand fully why this country has been planning, organizing and putting into action (even if via 3rd party groups or countries) some very radical and major acts all over the world for ages. Who in the US is responsible for all these hated acts the USA is held accountable for by many experts and opinion leaders over the globe? CIA maybe… or “the deep state” supposed to be serving the benefits of USA (if not the global capital and cartel giants ruling this country and the world in reality).

In any case, the reason why USA has had an evil involvement in the region for ages has to do with two main reasons; Its benefits regarding exploration of and control over oil sources in this part of the world and certainly to see to it that direct benefits and position of Israel does not face any risks at all.

The funny and yet tragic point however is the USA pretends to be totally impeccable regarding the bloodshed in the region and behaves to be in no way responsible for having planned, organized and supported the violence in said area all along. Yet even the funnier part is people are still naive enough to believe the USA is the guard and even warrior of liberty and freedom as well as democracy in the world

What a world full of such naive people and at a period of time when all the information is a only finger-tip away… Do you not think it is time to wake up, people?

As for the current situation however things seem to be worsening even, as a most recent conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia (main source of trouble for most sectarian conflicts and clashes) has broken out and countries in the region have started to group together. For instance countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia with several others located in the Gulf may join forces against Iran and Syria – surely to be supported by Russia and who knows China maybe. So if the issue grows to become more solemn in the close future the whole region may be facing the threat of war. The question is who would benefit from such a clash between these two rival groups? The imperialistic powers such as USA in the first place surely. Moreover countries such as Russia would not fail to miss any opportunities in case of such turmoil, either. Last but not least “arms” producers and oil companies would be the real winners of such a catastrophe.

The question at this point is “what is the situation with the leaders of involved countries in the region?” Are they not aware of the great danger the region has been facing all this time? Certainly they are. Yet, it takes some dignity, patriotism and courage to oppose and confront this evil picture that could cost many millions of lives and lost years for peoples of the Middle East (to include countries like Turkey eventually).


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