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Published On: Sun, Sep 20th, 2020

Good Party leader sends harsh criticism to ERDOGAN at her party’s 2nd ordinary congress

Meral AKSENER, the leader of the Good Party, delivered a speech at the 2nd ordinary congress of her party. AKSENER criticized the president and AKP leader Erdogan with harsh words. She said, “Atatürk gave the Turkish youth self-confidence and hope by saying, ‘the power you need is present in the noble blood in your veins.’ And what did you give to our young people, Mr. Erdogan? You gave unemployment. You gave despair. You gave depression. They asked the young people ‘do you want to live outside Turkey?’ You know what 62 percent said? They said yes.”

AKSENER, the leader of the Good Party, who took the podium before the election, said: “Despite all kinds of obstacles, all kinds of traps, all kinds of slander, we are still here! And we’re standing up. Do you know why we’re still here? Because we have a nation standing behind us like a mountain.”

The Good Party leader also made following statements:

“Turkey is not ruled well. AK Party adds a new one every day to the incompetence it has shown on the most important issues of the country. Turkey’s traditional foreign politics which enabled the country to earn prestige globally has been abandoned.

You said, ‘We will perform Friday prayers in Damascus’. At the end of the day however, 5 million asylum seekers settled in our country. On top of that, $ 50 billion of our nation has been wasted. And the bill continues to increase…

The existence of a country is entrusted to the justice system of that country. If there is no justice in a country, there is no abundance (productivity). A business person, an industrialist, will not invest. Foreign investors will not come… They cannot come. Barriers are built in front of development. The number of unemployed people increases. The salary of the pensioner, the worker, the officer hits rock bottom. Young people cannot dream… They lose hope.

Mr. Erdogan, all this has happened, our nation is experiencing it with all its nakedness. All this happened because you killed justice. You’ve created a country where the law works according to persons, where investigations are conducted according to twitter messages. But remember, one day, everyone may need justice.…

Mr. Erdogan, do you like the situation you put the country in? Are you happy with this picture that you have put our nation in? When we look at this whole picture, what are we going to say to our young people? I say, ‘we’ve lost today, let’s at least save tomorrow.’ Still, you do not care. You’re trying to do this job with the mind of your incompetent son-in-law and the words of yes-men (consultans) around you, in your palace. Tell me, Mr. Erdogan, what should we say to our young people?

From here, I declare that Turkish foreign policy will take on the character required by our national interests. We know the importance of friendly relations between leaders. But we also know that the relationship between countries is an inter-state relationship that transcends leaders. Therefore, one of the first steps of the parliamentary system will be to give the jobs in diplomacy to its experts, that is, to our diplomats who have merit.

We will act not on the whims of personal relationships, but on the mind of the state. Our priority will always be the interests of the Turkish state and the Turkish nation. Instead of personal fights with Sisi, with Assad etc. we will fight for Turkey’s interests.

When this freak system changes, Turkey’s trade with its neighbors will grow again. When we realize the potential, Turkey will win. Where Turkey wins, all parties will win.”

Meral AKSENER, the only candidate, was re-elected chair-person with 1,289 votes.

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