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Published On: Wed, Dec 4th, 2013

Textile: Turkey, Among Top 3 Producers in the World

turkish_readymade_clothingTurkish ready-made clothing industry ranks in the fifth place in global arena after China, Hong Kong, Italy and Germany. It is the second in Exports to Europe after China.

In Turkish ready-made clothing industry bwhose history spans to more than 100 years, private sector’s prospering was possible only after the withdrawal of the public sector from production in 1980s. More than half of the industry’s production was exported by 1990s. This ratio is near 70 percent at present.

Turkey is among the top 5 ready-made-clothing exporters in the world and top 2 to exporters to Europe.

The country accounts for 4.6 percent of the world’s total ready-made clothing exports of 285 billion US dollars. 7 out of every 100 pieces of RWC  products are produced in Turkey. About 7% of the total production is exported to global markets.

More than 50% of the exports go to Germany, Britain, Spain, France and Italy. Turkey is the world leader in jean products with a  production over of US$ 2 billion.  Turkey is the leading supplier of Germany, the world’s fourth market in RWC.

Turkey’s exports share in the world is 8% in socks and 10% in underwear.

TURKISH_READY_MADE_CLOTHINGTotal production value of Turkish RMC industry is USD 23 billion. The total export figure stands at USD 13,3 billion as of 2009. The value of the domestic market on the other hand is USD 10 billion.

Turkey is determined to make use of its “DESIGN” capability for a bright performance in a very challenging global competition with rivals such as China. Turkey is accepted to have the creativity skills to maintain a stronbg presence in RMC sector on the globe and in
the nearby and neighboring countries in specific.

Turkey is aware this is certainly the most feasible way to overcome competitive pressures from the cheap manufacturing countries with the help of “speed, accuracy in deliveries, design and content of its collections and branding”.

Accessing the newly emerging middle classes of the developing countries is also among the targets of Turkish brands. In line with these developments it is estimated that there will be only limited growth in the production capacity, employmnet and production volume of the industry, against more pronounced increases in the added value created by the industry.

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