Published On: Sat, Jun 11th, 2011

Chemical Industry in Turkey

petkim1Chemicals are indispensable to modern life and the development of the chemical industry has helped to raise the standard of living, which is an indicator of the level of industrialization in a country.

Chemical industry products contribute significantly to growth in other industrial sectors.

Turkey has been manufacturing chemicals for very long time, being a producer of many basic and intermediate chemicals, petrochemicals.

The production value of the Turkish chemical sector has reached about US $ 11 billion which includes petrochemicals, inorganic and organic chemicals, fertilizers, paints, pharmaceuticals, soaps and detergents, synthetic fibers, essential oils, cosmetics and personal care products.

Turkish chemical industry developed significantly in terms of quality, productivity and protection of environment. At present the industry is in the process of adopting EU’s Technical standards.

Besides, the responsible care, the chemical industry’s trademarked initiative on environmental, health and safety issues, has been successfully implemented since 1992.

The chemical industry employs 77,320 people and the industry has about 4286 companies manufacturing various chemicals. 2% of the existing companies has more than 150 employees and the rest has less than 20 employees. Most of the companies in the chemical industry, especially private sector companies, are located in Istanbul, Izmir, Kocaeli, Adana and Ankara.







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