Published On: Fri, Jul 28th, 2017

Could politics contribute to the welfare of Turkey in a much more positive manner?

Why has politics always taken away a lot from this country whereas it should have contributed positively for a better welfare of its people? Why has politics always become a problem for the country rather than a tool for solution? Why can we not benefit from this important institution called politics to carry our country and people to a much better future?

The question is “Does this situation have to do with the inadequacy or inefficiency of this institution called politics or does it have to do with our shortcomings?

Everyone, more precisely a lot of opinion leaders, intellectual people of the country make comments in this regard and propose solutions etc.  But where is the main problem?

Would the same politicians that have the power in our country today for example succeed in the same way in countries like Sweden or Denmark? “No”, needless to say… Simply because people who have the power of choosing there, the electorate that is, would not behave as if they were supporting a football team but use their votes in the direction to prefer the alternative they deem most useful for the country – unlike Turkey that is, certainly.

They would decide in the direction they deem best for the country by seeing, learning and thinking. Unsuccessful politicians and/or those with bad record of lying to their electorate would never have a chance to continue. The electorate would be wise and alert enough not to be fooled or even deceived over and over again.

Regarding this issue, an opinion leader and a prominent one indeed with a strong conscience good enough to keep himself away from prejudice has shared his most meaningful and valuable opinions about why politics has always failed in Turkey to bring solutions to the country for the wealth and comfort of its citizens. Trying to find answers to this question, the writer has shared his observations as follows

– Turkey needs groups of people consisting of competent, knowledgeable, educated and democratic members and not leadership.

– and rather than a leader to divide, the country needs someone knowledgeable, experienced and capable of bringing people together for a purpose, regardless of anybody’s identity, belief, clothing, life etc.

– and also the country needs a new political understanding, not new parties, where Identity, belief, ideology would not be of priority, but an understanding should prevail where the only priority should be to build a livable country for all.

Although it is impossible not to agree to above comments for a better political horizon that could carry the country to a much preferable future for all, there are other and more basic observations as explained above that one would need to consider on the way to improvement.

We believe Turkey needs to educate its people first… We refer to an education in modern western standards… and a quality education that prioritizes science and technology, indeed.

Moreover, we are not only talking about school education here but we are also and more importantly referring to an education process from the social and philosophical points of view. To provide an example people should find out about what is called awareness as the top priority. Individuals should be aware that there is something called egoism which we all have as human beings, but when others are concerned, we need to learn to overcome it, just like German or Japanese individuals would do.

To sum up, maybe the cultural and traditional education and up bringing in the family which is the smallest society should be given much more attention on the way to shaping up more conscious and thinking individuals on the way to creating a country anybody would enjoy living in and be proud of belonging to.


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