Published On: Sat, Jun 10th, 2017

Tesla becomes the world’s 4th most valuable automotive company

Tesla’s share price is up to 376.87 dollars today, while the company’s market value reaches 63.68 billion dollars. Electric car maker and energy storage company Tesla becomes the 4th most valuable automotive company in the world. Tesla, is trading on the New York Stock Exchange at $ 376.87 per share.

Thus, Tesla succeeded to be the world’s 4th most valuable automotive company leaving behind the German automotive company BMW whose market value is about $ 55 billion. Tesla surpassed American General Motors in April and earned the title of “the automotive company with highest market value in the US”.

Experts point out that the number of vehicles delivered by Tesla in the first quarter of this year increased by 69 percent compared to the same period last year and reached a record of 25 thousand meaning a record for the company.  Experts also comment that investors are confident of the future of the company and thus the demand for company shares increases.

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