Published On: Wed, Nov 28th, 2018

Minister says Turkey to connect Asia to Europe thanks to mega projects

Minister says Turkey to connect Asia to Europe thanks to mega projects

Turkey’s Transportation Minister Cahit TURHAN addressed the International Conference of Transport Ministers of states in Turkmenistan’s Turkmenbashi region, on Wednesday 28th November 2018. The Minister said Turkey spent great effort to connect Asia to Europe thanks to its mega projects and the Lapis Lazuli transport corridor.

Mr. TURHAN also noted that the trade between two continents had reached US$ 1.5 billion daily and was expected to climb up to US$ 740 billion annually by 2025. The Minister added that development of transportation between the two continents was very important to achieve said goal.

Mr. TURHAN also drew attention to the point that the development of transport infrastructures was “important but not enough” adding that the conversion of certain routes into transportation corridors would only be possible by developing multimodal alternatives and logistics facilities.

On the other hand, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Turkmenistan, Mehmet Khan CAKIYEV noted that the activities to revitalize the Silk Road had increased regionally and nationally.

In November 2017 five countries (Turkey, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia), signed the Kabul Lazuli Corridor agreement. This project targets to serve as an international trade and transportation corridor to link Kabul and Europe over Turkmenistan and Turkey,

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