Published On: Sat, Oct 28th, 2017

Turkey is world leader in flour exports with 3,5 million tons annual capacity

Based on a statement made by Turkey’s Flour Industrialists Federation (TUSAF), Turkey which exported 300 thousand tons of flour in 2004 increased this quantity to 3.5 million tons in 2016 amounting to USD 1 billion 70 million. On the other hand when compared to 2015 an increase of 25 percent is seen in terms of quantity with an increase of 10 percent on value basis, to parallel the remarkable rise in the performance of the sector since 2003.

It is reported that the total grain production of the world is 2 billion tons. On the other hand countries such as Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine which imported 20 million tons of grain in 1990, now export 90 million tons of grain including 45 million tons of wheat.

Based on reliable data Turkey delivered 40.2 per cent of its flour exports to Iraq with 1 million 291 thousand 162 tons, corresponding to a share of a share of 16.2 percent.  519 thousand 590 tons of exports were made to Sudan, followed by Syria with 343 thousand 823 tons corresponding to a share of 10.7 percent of total exports. Angola, Philippines, Madagascar, Indonesia, Benin, Israel and Ghana were the top 10 exported countries.

The USA is reported to have been among the top 20 countries which buy flour from Turkey in the last 2 years. Turkish companies have managed to export to USA “diabetic flour” developed in Turkey thanks to R & D work.

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