Published On: Thu, Oct 26th, 2017

Turkey’s leading mobile phone operator announces launch of new search engine

TURKCELL, the leading mobile phone operator in Turkey has announced the launch of a new search engine called YAANI. The word YAANI originates from the Turkish word “yani” meaning “What I mean is …” Turkcell is without hesitation still the most powerful mobile operator of Turkey in spite of huge efforts made by world giant Vodafone and Turkish Telekom (bought by Lebanese family a while ago).

According to Kaan TERZIOGLU, CEO of the company Turkey will take its place among the important countries in the world thanks to its new search engine launched by TURKCELL. Terzioglu believes if Turkey wants to be heard in the new era, it has to keep the digital data collected in the country and turn them into innovative services”. TERZIOGLU also said Turkcell was entering the search engine market, one of the most data-generating services and data would become the most important source of power in the near future. He did fail to emphasize that the search engine thus belonged tor Turkey and not Turkcell alone.

As far as technical details are concerned he mentioned that that information would be stored in Turkey’s biggest data center in Gebze and added that YAANI understood Turkish very well, and it would learn as more and more people made queries, enabling the engine to get better search results every time.” The interesting thing is the same word is used in Turkcell’s target markets such as the Middle East and Russia, and it has a similar meaning in Arabic and easy to say in Russian. As for the market share Turkcell is targeting the CEO has stated that they would go for 25 percent of market share in Turkey as a primary goal.

TERZIOGLU stated that the new search engine app could be downloaded for free from AppStore and Google Play application stores.

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