Published On: Mon, Sep 4th, 2017

Presidential spokesman slams Germany regarding duel between Merkel & Schulz

Presidential spokesman Ibrahim KALIN reacted to anti-Turkish expressions in the electoral duel between Merkel and Schulz of Germany, yesterday evening. KALIN said “Hostility against Turkey in Europe has turned into a tool of relaxation. Attacks on Erdogan is simply political short-sightedness of Europe”

Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said in his statement on Twitter “The fact that Germany attacks Erdogan by ignoring the basic and urgent problems of Europe, reflects the short-sighted horizon of Europe. “It is not a coincidence that Turkey and ERDOGAN marked the electoral debate program between Merkel and Schulz last night… The fact that Turkey and ERDOGAN was slammed in the program yesterday, almost ignoring the basic & urgent problems of Germany & Europe reflects a narrowing of horizon. In Europe, opposing Turkey has turned into a tool for relinquishing basic problems and getting relief over an enemy. Societies that define themselves through adversaries will never find their own identity. The politics of populism and subordination to the alienation and enmity only fuels discrimination and racism…

It does not matter much which party will win the German elections, because it is obvious anyway which mentality will win, in the end. The fact that Merkel and Schulz did not mention discrimination or rising racism during the debate at all shows the point where German politics has come. It is not a coincidence that the electoral debate program yesterday evening was marked by Turkey and our president.

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