Published On: Mon, Mar 14th, 2011

World’s 7th Largest Producer of Vegetables and Fruits

turkey_vegetables_fruitFresh Vegetables & Fruits

Turkey is soon expected to become Europe’s vegetable and fruit warehouse. The target for fresh fruit and vegetables exports is US Dollars 9,8 billion for 2023. This figure was approximately USD 2,25 billion in 2010. New target markets such as Japan, alongside  existing ones have been targeted with in the new programme to promote exports of this group of products.

Turkey has an annual production of 43 million tons of fresh vegatables which makes it one of the most important producers in the world. The country exports 5% of its production.

Turkey has a very fertile soil with a convenient ecologic structure which is very suitable for vegetable and fruit production. Based on the urbanisation in 1970s the production for the local market increased to more than 50% of the total production. In 1980s this figure went upto 70%.

Frozen and canned food sectors based on vegetables and fruits became larger during the same years. In 1990s, 90% of the vegetables were produced according to the demand in the local and domestic markets rather than for home use.

The producers started to follow the markets and tried to produce fresh vegetables with higher efficieny and profit and certainly lower cost. In 2000s the exported amount of fresh vegetables reached 1 million tons. Fresh vegetables are the main input for frozen, canned and take-home food industries.


Turkey is number one producer of sweet cherries and second largest producer of leek, cucumber, sour cherries, melon and water melon.

* Annual fresh vegetables export is 1,1 million tons
* Annual vegetable export revenue is 618,9 million US dollars.
* Annual fresh fruit export is 2,7 million tons.
* Annual fresh fruit export revenue is 1,9 billion dollars.
* Share of tomatoes in total vegetable exports is 53%.
* Major vegetable export markets are Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Holland, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Poland

DATE: 2010 figures unofficial


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